Here you can collect RSS-sites. You can see all your collected RSS-sites in one place.
It also offers you the possibility to get an e-mail with updated information based on a search criteria that you can enter. These are also shown brighter than regular news.
You can delete your search string anytime and remove your mail function easily.
No password is needed and the site will be published as a normal website with a username as index like www.one-site-rss.com/site/date_and_time.
Your site will be updated with the latest news every minute.

So how does this work?
You will be asked to enter your e-mail. When done, you will get an e-mail with four links. The mail is to ensure that you are you and if you would like e-mails sent to you with news, you would actually receive them.
  • The first link shows the address to your site.
  • The second link is to activate your site. This is needed to get started.
  • The third is to edit your site. Here you add/remove your RSS-sites
  • The fourth is to delete your site. All data will be lost. Nothing is saved.

That is it.
I made this site just because I like to provide my friends with small solutions and I decided to put this out there for public use, so feel free to use it.

If any questions you can contact me at info@one-site-rss.com